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•1995 Slovakia Champion
•1997 European Championships Lille - 1st
•World Championships Bratislava - 1st
•Fitness Olympia New York - 11th
•1998 Fitness International Ohio - 11th
•Pro Fitness Prague - 3rd
•Pro Fitness Paris - 4th
•Jan Tana Pro Fitness -4th
•Fitness Olympia Nice - 6th

1999 Fitness International Ohio - 5th
•Pro Fitness Helsinki - 3rd
•Pro Fitness Denmark - 2nd
•Fitness Olympia Las Vegas - 5th

2000 Fitness International Ohio - 2nd
•Atlantic City Championships - 1st
•Pro Fitness Pittsburgh - 2nd
•Fitness Olympia Las Vegas - 4th
•Fitness Classic Sweden - 2nd

2001 Fitness International Ohio - 5th
•Fitness Olympia Las Vegas - 5th
•Europa Kupa Hungary - 1st

Modeling and Print
•Muscle and Fitness Magazine
•Flex Magazine
•Musclemag International
•Muscle & Fitness: Hers
•Oxygen Women's Fitness
•NPC News
•Ironman Magazine
•Physical Magazine
•Iron-Trek Nutrition Supplements
•Great Lakes Fitness Guide
•Fitness & Longevity Magazine
•Women's Physique World
•Natural Muscle Magazine
•Max Muscle Magazine

Television/Video Appearances
•IFBB Fitness Olympia
•August 1999
•ESPN coverage of the 1998 IFBB Fitness Olympia
•Flex Lingerie Calendar
•November 27,1998
•Inside Edition
•October 26, 1998
•Flex Magazine Fitness
•IFBB Fitness Olympia

August 1998
•ESPN coverage of the 1997 IFBB Fitness Olympia

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