Chapter 1- Humble beginnings

Chapter 2- Coming full circle

Chapter 3- Destiny taking shape
(How I manifested my dreams)

Chapter 4- My first glimpse of America

Chapter 5- "Going to America baby"

Chapter 6- What’s old is “New Again”

Chapter 7- Bundle of joy

Chapter 8 -Pregnancy nutrition
-Training for a healthy baby

-Daily diet for a healthy pregnancy
- Superfood for pregnant moms
- Healthy foods
- Healthy snacks
- How to stop cravings
- How to stay motivated when you feel overwhelmed
- My secrets to motivate myself

Chapter 9 - Staying fit during pregnancy
- Exercises to stay fit during pregnancy
- Supersets - The path to maximum fitness

Chapter 10 - Now what? Post pregnancy workouts with baby
-My biggest secret to staying in shape post-baby
- Exercises for mom and baby together
(from 3month to 18month)
- Cardio with baby.
- How to have a fun & entertaining cardio workout with baby
- Fun in the nature

Chapter 11 - Getting yourself back in shape

- How to not feel bloated
- Post-pregnancy workout (without baby)
- A final word before we part...
- 10 important tips and secrets how to stay motivated

- Feeling like the "old" Timea again
- Life is more beautiful being in shape
- Feeling the "old" Timea again

Fitness truths and myths
- Weight training secrets to lift and firm and
prevent that body sag.
- Fight gravity and aging,
- Secrets to increase your metabolic rate,
aid in fat loss and increase lean body mass.
- Fuel you fitness plan with passion and confidence.
- Do you want your best body ever?
- You are what you eat.
- Don't be "skinny fat" and get a "hot mama" body!

Stop the insanity and achieve your bikini body.
Target the gluts, hips, thighs with weights plyometrics
and conditioning. Show up and show off with intensity.

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