Hot Mama - ebook Testimonials

1. I loved the ebook Timea because it gave me motivation
finally to start exercising after my baby was born.
I love the idea of training at home with the baby, because
I don't have time to go the Gym.
Tana Novak (Colorado)

2. I always felt uncomfortable going to the Gym because I gained
weight after my pregnancy so I was excited to try the exercises
you did in your E-book. I'm already feeling better after losing
8 pounds.
Thank you for the great motivation!
Maria Nipca (Chicago)

3. I love how I am able to stay motivated while I'm pregnant and
back in shape right after. I am going to try to stay that way
with my second pregnancy.
Gabrielle Tasar (Texas)

4. I had the hardest time being pregnant because I gained so
much weight. I will definitely try to exercise a little more and cut
back on the junk food with my next pregnancy.
I am really inspired and motivated by how you looked before
and after your pregnancy.
Monica Janson (New Mexico)

5. Timea I always admired you us a competitor but now being a fit
I respect you even more. I loved reading your ebook.
Rose Marie Ann (Montana)

6. Timea, I didn't expect to gain so much weight during pregnancy,
I know it doesn't have to be that way, but
I'm very encouraged with
your ebook to get started on this workout program so that I can get
my body back.  Thank you so much for the motivation.
Nancy (Canada)

7. I'm so glad I found your book while I'm still pregnant and can get
busy on these workouts now.  I want to look my best and feel good
about myself when the baby is born. Thank you!
Sarah (Minnesota)

81 Pages Includes Never Before Seen Pictures

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Warning: Consult a physician before using any of the
tips or suggestions contained in this ebook