Pregnancy Diet and Nutrition

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I'm the proud Mom of healthy baby girl and the following is a
diet overview that I followed. The pictures below of me at
7 months. Pictures on the left are me just 2 months of
giving birth.

Unlike most diets,your pregnancy diet does not leave room
for personal choice or preference.Your growing baby needs
some specific vitamins and minerals,which means eating a
lot of green leafy vegetables and lean red meat.

Luckily I love meat and I eat a lot of vegetables and salads
all year around. Make sure even if you don't like certain types
of food that this special time will make a difference and
you will get the right nutrients you need.

You can't be selfish about this,even if is sometimes difficult
for vegetarians and women who don't usually eat this way.

It's not simply a case of "eating for two" and just eating more.
During pregnancy you should aim to only put on an extra
20-30 pounds at the most! More than that would be unhealthy
for you and your baby, not to mention the fact that more than
half of mothers never get back their pre-birth weight ever again.

During your first trimester,which is your first 3 month,you shouldn't
increase your portion sizes at all. In terms of your pregnancy diet,
at this stage it's more a case of changing what foods you eat
rather than how much you eat. During the first trimester a healthy
weight gain is a mere 3 pounds, more than that and you're just
making it harder for yourself later on.Only in the last 6 month should
you aim to put on weight. This is at the rate of about 4-5 pounds
per month. It's advisable to keep a weight chart so you can monitor
your progression throughout the pregnancy.

Remember that if you restrict your pregnancy diet too much and
don't put enough weight on, you risk the chance of your baby
having a low birth weight which can have serious health conditions
(mental retardation,learning disabilities,…) So over eating and under
eating is not good. Just make sure you get your essential vitamins
and minerals in and the three of the main ones to keep on top of
are folate,calcium and iron. Folate or folic acid is important for
your baby's growth and development and it's actually recommended
that you take it while you're trying to get pregnant.

Spinach is a pregnancy diet superfood packed with calcium,folic
acid and iron, and lean red meat is the still your best source of
natural iron. Dairy products are your best choice for calcium, but
alternatives are nuts and seeds, such us brazil nuts and almonds, can
also be good.However,if you're a vegan be aware that nuts and seeds
will not provide you with a sufficient amount of calcium for your
baby's growth,no matter how much you consume.

Disclaimer: These suggestions are being provided to you as information
only and it is strongly recommended to consult with your doctor/physician
during your pregnancy.

Me At 7 Months
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